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Use this request form to begin an inquiry concerning the status of a previously surrendered campus computer.

Request access to spaces on campus that require the use of electronic access control.

Need help with a software issue? Open a ticket to request assistance from RITE Services.

Need help with a login/password issue? Open a ticket to request assistance from RITE Services.

Request software for a faculty/staff computer, classroom computer or a student computer lab.

Request assistance configuring your campus e-mail account on a mobile device.

Need help with an email issue? Open a ticket to request assistance from RITE Services.

If you would like to receive Information Security Awareness Training for yourself, your office, an affiliated group, or your students there are options. Complete this form and we will contact you.

Use this request form to surrender campus-owned computers that are no longer being used.

Assistance/workshops in developing and refreshing online courses.

Need help with a computer or printer issue? Open a ticket to request assistance from RITE Services.

Photographic coverage of classroom and campus events for use in publications, websites, presentations and prints.

Request a training session with an Instructional Design & Training (IDT) team member on the use of campus technologies such as Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Collaborate, Ensemble Media Server or Office 365.

Request a new or replacement Buffalo State ID card.

Support for Blackboard Learn for online, hybrid and face to face courses.

Request the installation/setup of existing hardware/equipment, request a new or used computer, or initiate the purchase of new hardware/equipment.

Have a question about technology on campus? This is a good place to start.

Need to make a video? Complete the video intake form to have the Creative Media Services video production crew assist.

Review of application software technology and server specifications to recommend the best course of action for resources needed.

Request the move, swap or temporary relocation of campus-owned computers and/or peripherals.

Request the installation/setup of pay-to-print for student use in a computer lab.

Support and training on Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing/collaboration tool that can be integrated within Blackboard Learn.

Request a new shared Public Folder (e.g. calendar) in Outlook for your department.

Turnitin Feedback Studio is a similar text detection software that instructors may require students to use at Buffalo State. This software may be used as an educational tool to assist students in learning how to properly cite resources, to decrease instances of academic misconduct, and/or to assist in the identification of acts of academic misconduct.

Weekly reconciliation of Purchase Requisitions submitted for Technology Fee, account 900820-00 are emailed to authorized personnel.