Institutional Research Data Request

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Service Description

Generation of reports/data from the college official frozen files for enrollment, degrees granted, retention, graduation and human resources (HRMS) official data (payroll 17) systems based on requestor specifications. Please see for specifications of existing reports that might meet your needs.

Standard Features

Aggregate reports and data extracts available to authorized requestors

Optional Features

Report may be available on our website or dashboard;
Dean’s offices or the Department chair may already have access to the answer to your request
Report may be set up to be run by the requestor as needed

Roles and Responsibilities

Requestor – Provide detailed description of the required data and output format; adherence to data usage/disposition guidelines as defined by FERPA, HIPAA and other applicable laws and policies
Institutional Research Office – Review and evaluate the request for feasibility and anticipated time to completion; communication with requestor; deliver requested report

How to Request     

Click the Request Report button and complete the request form.

Service Audience

Faculty, Staff and Students.

Service Level Agreement

Acknowledgement of request within 2 business day;
Consultation with requestor in 3-5 business days;
Turnaround time for report delivery depends upon the nature and complexity of the request

Service Pricing

There are no costs associated with this service

Institutional Policies

Data access subject to data governance guidelines and campus information security policies

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