Buffalo State ID Card

Service Description

Provide and support process for the creation and distribution of college ID cards.

Standard Features

In person replacement student ID production and distribution. 

Optional Features

Create custom ID card designs based on special requests and input from campus departments/programs.

Roles and Responsibilities

There are no roles and responsibilities associated with this service.

How to Request

  • In Person: Butler Library Circulation Desk.

Service Audience 

Faculty, Staff, Students.

Service Level Agreement

There is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) associated with this service. 

Service Pricing

Initial Buffalo State ID cards are free. Lost/Stolen ID replacement cost for Buffalo State faculty/staff/students - $15.00. Custom ID cards production cost - $5.00 per card/$10.00 replacement cost.

Institutional Policies

There are no Institutional Policies associated with this service.



Service ID: 18546
Sun 3/12/17 7:57 PM
Mon 8/2/21 11:17 AM