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Room scheduling services

Provide event or instruction-related A/V equipment for on campus use.

Audio and Video design and space improvement services for the academic and administrative departments of Buffalo State. Includes computing hardware and software.

Weekly reconciliation of Purchase Requisitions submitted for Academic Discretionary Funds: Academic & Scientific Equipment (A&SE) 860095-00
and Academic Equipment Replacement (AERF) 860096-00. This report is emailed to authorized personnel on a weekly basis

Students in approved courses for the Summer 2021 semester can request an Adobe Creative Cloud license to download/install Creative Cloud apps on their personal devices.

Request assistance from the Marketing and Communications Office for a campus advertising/marketing campaign.

need assistance with setting up process for exporting file out of THD to EZReslife. Because of contractual considerations, it is not possible to ftp the file from THDs site to EZReslife. extract can be generated by Adirondack, but Buffalo State will have to come up with a process to obtain the file from them and then ftp the file to EZReslife.
Meeting with RL tomorrow to discuss @11. See email attachment.

Please sync sections counts with registration/class roster totals

A crew member will direct audio capture of content within Bulger Communication Center studios.

Banner is Buffalo State’s Student Information System. Integrated with systems in most major functional areas, Banner supports Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Records, Student Accounts, Housing, Advisement, and many other student services.

Request a new or replacement Buffalo State ID card.

Request caller ID on a standard (non-VoIP) phone line.

Design, develop, plan and maintain Campus CATV systems.

Request the move, swap or temporary relocation of campus-owned computers and/or peripherals.

Request assistance configuring your campus e-mail account on a mobile device.