Creative Services

Service Description

Need publications, other printed items, and/or design assistance? Open a Ticket to request Creative Services with the Marketing and Communications Office, including design, signature logos, writing, editing, and printing/production. 

Please Note: If you are seeking services from Kaylene Waite in the Design and Print Center, please go to to fill out the job request form for that office.

Standard Features

The Marketing and Communications Office’s Creative Services Team produces publications and other printed items that are directed at a wide variety of audiences—alumni and friends of the college as well as faculty, staff, prospective/current students, and the general public. These printed materials are used for student recruitment efforts, external and internal communications, and more.

Request creative services that include:

  • Design
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Printing/Production

Roles and Responsibilities

Client Responsibilities:

  • Client is responsible for providing details related to the request when opening a ticket and throughout the Creative Services design and print production process.

Creative Services Responsibilities:

  • Creative Services staff will consult/coordinate with requestor to determine needs, cost, timeline, etc.
  • Creative Services staff will provide project management and best practice creative services.
  • Creative Services will ensure that all items fit within college branding guidelines.

How to Request

Click the Open a Ticket button and complete the request form.

Additional customized creative services may be provided upon request and alignment with the College’s and Mar Comm Office’s strategic plans.

You will be contacted shortly after the request has been received to confirm and review the project request.

Please Note: Submission of this request does not guarantee acceptance of this request.

Service Audience

Faculty and Staff.

Service Level Agreement

Response and resolution times are based on operational hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM).

Basic SLA  
Response Time 1-2 business days
Resolution Time To Be Determined as Per Request
Please Note: Response Time is measured from ticket submission date/time until the ticket is moved to an 'In Process' status. Resolution Time is measured from ticket submission date/time until the ticket is completed/resolved.

Service Pricing

Design, writing, and editing services are provided at no cost. Printing/production costs depend on project (cost estimates will be provided before materials are printed).

Institutional Policies

See Marketing and Communications Campus Standards and Policies.

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