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New Purchasing Procedures: Be aware that Finance and Management has implemented new spending controls that are effective immediately. You will likely need to provide additional justification for any new item requested. Special consideration is given to those requests that are essential, relevant and/or urgent. Additional approvals are required for more expensive items. The policy can be found here.

Service Description

Request the installation/setup of existing hardware/equipment, request a new or used computer, or initiate the purchase of new hardware/equipment.

Standard Features

IT can assist with the following types of hardware requests:

  • Installation/setup of existing hardware/equipment (e.g. new or replacement printer, external hard drive)
  • Installation/setup of a used desktop at no cost (e.g. for adjunct, student)
  • Installation/setup of a peripheral at no cost (e.g. keyboard, mouse, second monitor)
  • Installation/setup of a new computer at no cost (full-time employees only)
  • Purchase/installation of new hardware/equipment (e.g. computer, iPad, printer)

Optional Features

  • Consult with users to determine any custom client hardware requests.

Roles and Responsibilities

Requester Responsibilities: 

  • Requester is responsible for providing details related to the request including their contact information, makes/models of hardware being requested requested and quantity.

IT Responsibilities:

  • Maintain catalog of standard hardware approved for campus use.
  • Consult with end user if needs are unclear.
  • Help facilitate purchase of custom equipment as necessary.
  • Help facilitate purchase or transfer of funds as necessary.
  • Ensure that requested hardware complies with standards approved by IT.
  • Receive hardware shipments and coordinate the installation of equipment.

Procurement Responsibilities:

  • Process quote and requisition into purchase order (PO).
  • Send PO to vendor.
  • Send goldenrod copy to IT Operations Management.

Vendor Responsibilities:

  • Provide quote(s) as requested by IT Operations Management.

How To Request      

Click the Open a Ticket button and complete the request form.

Service Audience 

Faculty and Staff.

Service Level Agreement

Response and resolution times are based on operational hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM).

Service Level 2 - Normal  
Response Time 1 business day
Resolution Time 3 business days
Please Note: Response Time is measured from ticket submission date/time until the ticket is moved to an 'In Process' status. Resolution Time is measured from ticket submission date/time until the ticket is completed/resolved. A ticket in an 'On Hold' status (e.g. IT is waiting for additional information from the requestor) does not count toward the Resolution Time.

Service Pricing

Pricing is contingent upon the hardware being requested, the quantity of items needed and the purpose (administrative, instruction, research).

Institutional Policies

Policy on the Use of Electronic Resources

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