Service Catalog

Categories (10)

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Hardware and Software

Service offerings related to ordering, installing and maintaining computers, printers and software on campus

Communication and Collaboration

Service offerings related to facilitating institutional communication and collaboration

Teaching and Learning

Service offerings related to Instructional Design and Distance Learning for educational technologies and professional development opportunities.


Enterprise-level hardware and network infrastructure that provide underlying support for institutional activities

Professional Services

Service offerings related to audio and video production, graphic design, photography, television and application development

Information Security

Service offerings related to information security, data integrity, and compliance for institutional activities

Administrative Applications and Reporting

Data support and services related to Banner, HRMS, Qualtrics, and other enterprise systems. Request reports, distribution lists, online payment integration, faculty/staff mailing lists, Qualtrics access for classes, and related services.

Marketing and Communications

Services for image and marketing, public and media relations, official web pages, select publications, and internal communication. Note: If you are seeking services from Kaylene Waite in the Design and Print Center, please go to to fill out the job request form for that office.

Student Employment

Are you a student looking for a rewarding IT job on campus? Apply for a job with Information Technology.