Find answers to questions related to using technology in smart classrooms, conference rooms and event spaces.

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Bacon Hall

Generally scheduled classrooms in Bacon Hall.

Buckham Hall

Generally scheduled classrooms in Buckham Hall.

Bulger Communication Center

Generally scheduled classrooms in Bulger Communication Center.

Butler Library

Classrooms and meeting spaces in Butler Library.

Caudell Hall

Generally scheduled classrooms in Caudell Hall.

Chase Hall

Generally scheduled classrooms in Chase Hall.

Classroom Building

Generally scheduled classrooms in Classroom Building.

Houston Gym

Generally scheduled classrooms in Houston Gym.

Ketchum Hall

Generally scheduled classrooms in Ketchum Hall.

Rockwell Hall

Generally scheduled classrooms in Rockwell Hall.

Science and Mathematics Complex

Generally scheduled classrooms in the Science and Mathematics Complex.

Technology Building

Generally scheduled classrooms in the Technology Building.

Upton Hall

Generally scheduled classrooms in Upton Hall.

Equipment Loan

How to reserve and borrow equipment from Classroom Equipment Loan.

Visix Digital Signage

AxisTV and Visix information.

Articles (25)

Pinned Article Generally Scheduled Classrooms

Information on spaces across campus that are normally booked by the Registrar.

Pinned Article Where can I obtain a key for my classroom console?

How to get a console key for a generally-scheduled classroom

Classroom Idle Timer Information

Most Crestron-controller-equipped spaces have an idle timer that helps save display hours. General info on how it works and how to temporarily deactivate it.

Cleveland 518 Webcam Recording Instructions

How to record video using the Logitech webcam in Cleveland 518

Connecting Devices Requiring Video Adapters

How to connect an iPad, iPhone, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Microsoft Surface Pro in a generally-scheduled classroom space.

How can I force the PC to display on both the monitor and the projector?

Hold the Windows key and press P to bring up a display menu. Select Duplicate.

How can I utilize a Wireless Presenter for my class?

Help and purchasing advice related to wireless presenters. (AKA PowerPoint Clickers/ Wireless Mice)

How do I connect a mobile computer to a media:scape collaboration station?

Instructions on how to connect a laptop to a media:scape collaboration table.

How to fix incorrect color display on PC (caused by Chrome)

How to fix the display if the PC is displaying colors incorrectly (usually inverted). This usually happens after using Chrome full screen.

How to log into SMART Notebook Basic software for the first time

How to create a free account to log into SMART Notebook software.

Importing a PDF Into Smart Notebook on a PC

How to import a PDF file into SMART Notebook (15+) on a Windows PC

Interactive White Boards on Campus

A list of the interactive white boards across campus.

SAMC 151

Features and Information about the Smart Classroom, SAMC 151

Solving DVD Audio Issues from VLC

How to solve DVD audio issues from VLC, typically occurring with 5.1-surround-encoded commercial DVDs.

VHS (VCR) Support Information

Information on the end of VHS support and removal of VCRs from generally-scheduled classroom spaces.

Video Cable Connectors

A visual guide to video cable connectors and conversion.

Web Conferencing at Buffalo State

Web Conferencing solutions at Buffalo State College.

What is the door punch code for my Smart Classroom?

Door punch codes for generally-scheduled classrooms