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Learn how the change to Modern Authentication may impact Windows-based Outlook clients
Learn how to activate your Student Gmail account. This article applies to students only (not faculty and staff).
Learn how to reset your Student Gmail password. This article applies to students only (not faculty and staff).
An overview of how to manage junk mail filters in the Microsoft Outlook desktop app.
Instructors and advisers can send mass messages to students in the Bengal Success Portal.
Learn how to access your email account from campus, off campus and from your mobile device.
Overview of some commonly requested services for separated employees.
Within the Email Notifications tab, you are able to specify Appointment Notifications, connect your Exchange Calendar with the Bengal Success Portal, specify settings to recieve Summary Emails, and set Tracking Notification rules.
This article describes the differences between Email and My Messages in Blackboard.
Sending emails from within the Blackboard course can be accomplished by using the Send Email course tool or through the Full Grade Center.