What is the door punch code for my Smart Classroom?

A small number of generally-scheduled Smart Classrooms have punch codes on the door. The codes may be changed between semesters, for optimized security.

These rooms include: Bacon 123, Bulger 428, Ketchum 100, Ketchum 109, and Upton 230.

For instructors listed in one of these rooms, Classroom Support will e-mail the door punch code during the week prior to the start of classes.

If you wish to confirm the code, you may call Classroom Support at 878-6670. You may also use the Presentation System Assistance form.

Codes will NOT be given to anyone who is not scheduled to teach in one of these classrooms. Instructors will be verified based on listings derived from Banner. Classroom Support is not responsible for door punch codes for non-generally-scheduled classrooms or spaces.

Please try to test your code prior to your first class meeting! If you are having an issue with the code, please call Classroom Support (878-6670). You do not have to call Campus Services, as Classroom Support will check the code and contact them if needed.

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