Bulger 425 Video/Web Conferencing Room

This Room is designed for video/web conferencing. With multiple cameras and microphones for all attendees/participants it is well equipped for distance learning and connecting with meetings in other locations.

The following equipment is available in this room:

  • Vaddio Streaming Media AV Bridge
  • Dual (front and rear facing) PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras
  • Console mounted, and clip-on microphones for presenters 
  • 14 desk-mounted microphones for participants
  • Dual video projectors
  • Wall-mounted "confidence" monitor
  • Computer ( Dell PC) and network access.  List of software installed on the PC.
  • WolfVision Document camera
  • Laptop connection
  • Wireless network access

For assistance with meetings in this room, please open a Web Conferencing Ticket.


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Wide angle room photo of seating area.
Photo of components in presentation console. Photo of computer available for use in presentation console.



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