Microphones in Classrooms

What is Voice Lift?

"Voice Lift" is a common industry term used to denote a space equipped with a means to boost the voice of a presenter. Usually, this means a microphone system specially tuned for use in the space. At Buffalo State, generally scheduled classrooms with voice lift include at least one wireless microphone that is connected to the room's sound system.

Rooms with Voice Lift

Larger-sized classrooms on campus were given priority for voice lift installs. These include lecture halls and large presentation spaces. Medium and small-sized classrooms do NOT have voice lift equipped, as the presenter is typically close enough to the audience for them to be easily intelligible.

Generally scheduled classrooms with voice lift installed are noted on the chart here:

Options for Spaces Without Voice Lift

Classroom Equipment Loan has small PA systems available for use in classrooms that do not have voice lift equipped. These systems add a degree of amplification, but do not connect to the sound systems built into the room.

There is a small supply of systems which include a wireless lavalier microphone: 
Alternatively, systems are available with a wired handheld microphone: 
Supply of these systems is very limited and reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Departments seeking to purchase their own voice lift systems (portable or for installation) may file a ticket for consultation here: 

Voice Lift Considerations

Voice lift installs are not suited for all spaces. Variables include speaker placement, sound absorption properties of the room, microphone types, and much more. Installation may require audio equalization or other signal processing for best results. Classroom Support is happy to assist with evaluating options for voice amplification.


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