Interactive White Boards on Campus

An interactive whiteboard is a display, typically mounted on a classroom wall on campus, that allows interaction with a projected image through a pen, stylus, or fingertips. For training, please Open a Ticket at our Request a Training from IDDL page and choose "Interactive Whiteboards" from the Training Selection drop-down menu.

All boards are connected to a Windows PC unless otherwise noted.

SMART Boards

The majority of interactive whiteboards at Buffalo State are SMART Boards. Training is scheduled by appointment only.

Please use these links to learn about the software and hardware:
Getting started with SMART Notebook is a public online training program designed by SMART Technologies to familiarize users with the software platform.

SMART Technologies is the manufacturer’s website, which includes information about various products as well as training opportunities and customer support.  

SMART Exchange “is a one-stop destination designed to provide teachers with access to all of SMART's learning resources and the opportunity to connect with colleagues in a professional community. Custom-designed searches save time by delivering relevant results and a full visual preview of all SMART Notebook files, so teachers can easily evaluate a lesson before downloading it.” Sign up for a free account. 

Generally Scheduled (booked by Registrar/ Events Management)

Bacon 214A (Mac)

Butler 316

Houston Gym 212

Houston Gym 213

Houston Gym 214

Ketchum 100

Ketchum 109 (Mac)

Ketchum 300

Ketchum 328

Rockwell 303

Rockwell 307

TECH 160 (SMART Podium)

TECH 258 (2) (Mac and PC)

TECH 358A and B

Departmental Spaces (contact department for access)

Bulger 120 – IT Services

Chase B15 - Continuing Professional Studies

Ketchum 205 – Exceptional Education

Rockwell 107 (Mac) - Music

SAMC 057 - Biology

SAMC 061 – Earth Science

SAMC 203 – Chemistry

SAMC 223 – Chemistry

SAMC 257 – Earth Science

SAMC 259 - Math

SAMC 260 - Math

SAMC 263 – Math (Mac)

SAMC 266 – Earth Science

TECH 140 (SMART Podium) - Technology

TECH 144 (SMART Podium) – Technology

TECH 148 (SMART Podium) – Technology

TECH 149 (SMART Sympodium) – Technology

TECH 150 (SMART Podium) – Technology

TECH 252 - CIS

Upton 504 (SMART Podium) – Art Education

Promethean (contact department for access)

Buffalo State currently has three Promethean Boards on campus. Training is scheduled by appointment only.

The ActivInspire playlist is a collection of short video tutorials on how to complete a variety of functions in ActivInspire, from creating containers to working with Magic Ink.

Promethean World is the manufacturer’s website, including information regarding products, training, support, and more.

Class Flow helps instructors create, deliver, collaborate, reward, manage, and report with Promethean products.  Sign up for free account. (Formerly Promethean Planet)

SAMC 259 - Math

TECH 252 - CIS

Upton 404 (Mac) – Art Education

Windows Ink Interactive Monitor (contact department for access)

These rooms feature an interactive monitor at the teaching console, equipped with Windows Ink.

Draw and write with Ink in Office!

Butler 318 - Instructional Design and Distance Learning

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