How do I connect a mobile computer to a media:scape collaboration station?

Turning on the Media:scape table

To use the media:scape tables, first make sure the table is "on".  You can do this by looking for the power button that is located on the media well in the center of the table.  If the light is white, press the button once to activate the table and the light will become green.  


Connecting a Laptop or Tablet

Laptops, tablets, and other devices can be connected to the media:scape tables using PUCKS.  

1.  Open the media well and remove a PUCK

2.  Connect the PUCK to your laptop (The PUCK will glow).  Depending on the media:scape table you are using it will either have an HDMI or a VGA connector. Your mobile device will need to have the correct type of video port or adapter for the table you are using.



3.  Share what's on your laptop or device by pressing the number 1 that appears on the PUCK.  

To disconnect your device, press the off button and disconnect the PUCK.  


Mac Set-Up

Adapters: Most Mac laptops have a Thunderbolt (also known as Mini DisplayPort port). You will need a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter, or Thunderbolt to VGA adapter in order to connect depending on which adapter the media:scape table you are using has. (If you have an iPad, you will need a lightning to HDMI adapter.)


Pictured here: Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter.


Pictured here: Thunderbolt to VGA adapter.

Set-up: The screen sharing default on a Mac is to display as an extended desktop. If you want the screen to duplicate what is on your laptop's screen then you need to set it to Mirror the display.

1.  Click the Apple sign in the top left corner of the laptop monitor, Select System Preferences  


2.  In the System Preferences window, select “Displays


3.  In the Displays window select Arrangement and check “Mirror Displays


4.  Close the window by clicking the red circle in the top left hand corner and you are ready to collaborate.





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