Video Cable Connectors


HDMI connections

Female (left) and Male (right) HDMI connectors

Description: 19-pin trapezoidal connector
Signal Types: Digital audio and video

The HDMI connector has become practically ubiquitous for connecting AV devices to displays in recent times. Devices typically carry a female connector to be used with Male-Male cables. HDMI inputs can receive a signal from a DisplayPort source (with adapter) but this does NOT work the other way around.

Purchase an HDMI cable.


Male VGA connector

Male VGA connector

Description: 15-pin rounded trapezoidal connector with retention screws
Signal Types: Analog video

The VGA connector was a common consumer standard for video connection. It can still be found on older devices and those with legacy support. VGA is NOT directly compatible with HDMI or DisplayPort. As such, any cables or adapters must have built-in circuitry to convert the signal. When possible, it is preferable to use an HDMI connection to a VGA one.

VGA cables also do NOT carry audio data. A separate companion cable (usually 1/8"-1/8") is needed to complete any audio connections.

Purchase a VGA cable. With audio included. Purchase separate audio cable.


Male Displayport Cable

A Male DisplayPort connector. Note the locking mechanism.

Description: 20-pin angled polygonal locking connector
Signal Types: Digital audio and video

DisplayPort is a competitor connector to HDMI. It is typically found on PC hardware such as video cards and monitors. Devices typically carry a female connector to be used with Male-Male cables. DisplayPort outputs can be connected to HDMI inputs with appropriate cabling, but the reverse is not supported. When audio is present, HDMI connections are preferable to DisplayPort due to better compatibility with digital audio drivers. MiniDisplayport cables are based off the same technology.

Purchase a DisplayPort cable. With an HDMI end.

Miscellaneous Connections

HDMI alternative sizes

Left to right: Male HDMI, HDMI Mini, and HDMI Micro cables.

Purchase HDMI mini to HDMI adapters. HDMI micro to HDMI.

Mini Displayport Connector

Female MiniDisplayPort connector. Female Thunderbolt (v1 or v2) connectors look the same, with a different logo.

See common device adapters article for more info.

Thunderbolt 3 USB C connector

Female Thunderbolt 3 (aka USB-C) connector.

See common device adapters article for more info.


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