Web Conferencing at Buffalo State

Microsoft Teams Meetings is currently the only web conferencing software supported by Information Technology (IT).  

From time to time, a member of the Buffalo State Community may need to participate in a web conference that is being hosted by an off-campus group that may not be using Microsoft Teams Meetings. Examples are Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, Blue Jeans, Google Meet, etc. These other web conferencing products are not supported by Information Technology (IT) (no training or troubleshooting are available).  However, the Buffalo State Community may take part in a conference using one of these platforms on their own. Please contact the host of such a conference for support and training documentation.  In many cases, there are excellent training and support materials found on the vendor's website for these conference platforms.  

If you are participating in a conference that requires an application to be loaded on a Buffalo State owned computer, please submit a Software Installation Ticket to have this software installed.    

The following rooms at Buffalo State College have built-in web conferencing capabilities:
(Unless otherwise noted, access to these rooms is via their respective departments.)

  • ALUM 202 (Alumni Conference Room)
  • BACO 108 (School of Education Classroom)
  • BACO 115 (Generally Scheduled Classroom) COMING FALL 2024
  • BACO 117 (Generally Scheduled Classroom) COMING FALL 2024
  • BACO 305 (School of Education Conference Room) 
  • BENG 118C (Bengal Success Center Conference Room)
  • BULG 120  (Information Technology Conference Room, booked through Justin Sledz) (Offline for renovation)
  • BULG 425 (Distance Learning Classroom, booked through Justin Sledz)
  • BUTL 134 (Events Management Conference Room)
  • CAMP 412 (Student Leadership & Engagement Conference Room)
  • CAMP 414 (Student Leadership & Engagement Conference Room)
  • CAMP 419 (AFP Global Learning Lab)
  • CASS B16 (Arts & Sciences Shared Conference Room)
  • CHAS 215 (Creative Studies Active Learning Classroom)
  • CHAS 235 (Creative Studies Conference Room)
  • CLEV 306D (Career Development Conference Room)
  • CLEV 318  (Alumni Conference Room)
  • CLEV 418 (Events Management Conference Room) COMING FALL 2024
  • CLEV 507A (Finance & Management Shared Room)
  • CLEV 514 (Academic Affairs Conference Room)
  • CLEV 516  (CIO Office Conference Room)
  • CLEV 518 (President's Conference Room)
  • CLEV 519A (Academic Affairs)
  • CCTR 208 (Facilities Conference Room)
  • KETC 211 (Ex Ed Conference Room)
  • KETC 211B (Ex Ed Conference Room)
  • SAMC 393 (Linux Computer Lab, Data Science & Analytics) 
  • SOUT 100 (Civic and Community Engagement)

Support sites are listed below for non-Information Technology (IT) supported services:

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