Connect to the Secure Wireless Network

Enroll your device on the secure wireless network for a secure and persistent connection. Click the button below to get started. Enter your network credentials when prompted and follow the on screen instructions.

Enroll Your Device

>>> Campus Guests/Visitors: If you're visiting the college and don't have network credentials, you can enroll as a guest by clicking the button above and following the Guest Login prompts.Visit How to access guest Wi-Fi on campus for detailed instructions.


The secure network has a number of advantages over the BengalOpen16 network:

  • Faculty, staff and students only need to enroll their devices once per year.
  • Enrolled devices will auto-login to the secure network when on campus.
  • Wireless communication over the secure network is encrypted to protect user information.

When connected to BengalOpen16, wireless traffic is not encrypted and you must re-login each time your connection times out (typically after 15 minutes of inactivity).

Device Instructions

Follow the links below for device specific instructions.


Secure Wireless Use Policy

  • Faculty, staff and students can enroll up to five (5) devices (laptops, tablets, and smart phones) on the secure network. Gaming devices and short term loaned school devices are not permitted.
  • Faculty, staff and students are liable for any device enrolled on the secure wireless network. If your device is used inappropriately by another person after being loaned, sold, lost or stolen, you may be held responsible. If your device is lost or stolen, you should report it to the proper authorities immediately (and inform the IT Help Desk).
  • Buffalo State's networks (both wired or wireless) may not be used to upload, download or share any materials or content that violate or infringe on the rights or dignity of others. If it is determined that a device registered to you has been involved in a copyright violation, you will receive a "Copyright Infringement Complaint" and your wireless privileges may be revoked.
  • The use of Buffalo State's secure wireless network should conform to the campus Policy on the Use of Electronic Resources.
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