Where can I obtain a key for my classroom console?

As of Spring 2022, keys are no longer needed for generally-scheduled classrooms on campus. You will only need a key for any class/event taking place in Bulger Communication Center after 9pm (weekdays) or any time on the weekends.

If you have a previously-issued B399A key, it is no longer needed for classroom console access. You are welcome to hold on to it for the duration of your employment at Buffalo State, or you may turn it in to Classroom Support in Bulger 204.

Building Console Key Needed?
Bacon No
Buckham No
Bulger Only for classes/events after 9pm or on weekends
Butler No
Caudell No
Chase No
Classroom No
Houston No
Ketchum No
Rockwell No
Technology No
Upton No

(For information on Bulger, please see this article.)

If you need a console key for a one-time event, please contact Events Management. Console keys are usually issued with any other keys you may need for your reservation.

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