Where can I obtain a key for my classroom console?

If you are teaching in a generally-scheduled classroom in Buckham you will need a key to open the console. As of Summer 2019, keys are no longer needed for generally-scheduled classrooms located in Bacon or Ketchum Hall.

Building Console Key Needed?
Bacon No
Buckham Yes
Bulger Only for classes/events after 9pm or on weekends
Butler No
Caudell No
Chase No
Classroom No
Houston No
Ketchum No
Rockwell No
Technology No
Upton No

(For information on Bulger, please see this article.)

The appropriate key is labeled "B399A." It can be obtained by visiting the Classroom Support office in Bulger 205. Buffalo State ID is required. If you are able to, please call ahead (878-6670). 

Console locks may be oriented differently on each door. If your console key does not seem to be working, please try reversing the orientation of the key (i.e. from "right-side up" to "upside down"). It may also help to gently wiggle the door to coax the latch open. If you are still unable to unlock a console cabinet, please contact Classroom Support for assistance.

There is no need to renew your key each semester- it is issued to you for the duration of your employment at Buffalo State.

If your key is broken/lost, please contact Classroom Support for a replacement.

If you need a console key for a one-time event, please contact Events Management. Console keys are usually issued with any other keys you may need for your reservation.


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