How can I utilize a Wireless Presenter for my class?

Wireless presentation devices (also known as "PowerPoint Clickers") allow the presenter to advance slides without having to stand within arms reach of their device. Please Note:  Wireless Presenters are no longer being provided in generally-scheduled classrooms. 

However, presenters are still welcome to bring their own devices for use in rooms equipped with presentation technology. Such devices can be purchased using department funds, including P-cards. 

Below are some examples of wireless presenters commonly used on campus, including recommended brands.

The model that was commonly used in Classrooms is the iOne Libra P5. Unfortunately, this model is no longer widely available for sale.
An excellent alternative to the Libra P5 is made by Kensington.
One of the models most often recommended by Classroom Support is the Satechi SP400. It has a longer range than the Libra and syncs easier. However, it is no longer in stock at Amazon.
Logitech also makes a pointer that has been used across campus, to positive review.
All of the above items are sold in the $40-50 range.


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