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Are you a student looking for a rewarding IT job on campus? Apply for a job with Information Technology.

Determine resources and configure the memory, CPU and storage allocation from the specifications given from the requestor.
Configuration and installation of security software on the server (antivirus, firewall, and security updates). The installation of any other software and license needed to be implemented agreed by both parties.

Banner is Buffalo State’s Student Information System. Integrated with systems in most major functional areas, Banner supports Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Records, Student Accounts, Housing, Advisement, and many other student services.

Degree Works is Buffalo State’s Advising Support / Degree Audit System, a Web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor students’ progress toward degree completion.  Integrated with Banner, the campus Student Information System, Degree Works provides real time degree audit sheets, “what if” analysis of program changes, and unofficial transcript information.

Request assistance enrolling your device on the secure wireless network (Bengal).

Review of application software technology and server specifications to recommend the best course of action for resources needed.

Process optical mark recognition (OMR) control sheets and response forms and produce reports and data files of test scores and survey responses/summary statistics.

Students in approved courses for the Summer 2021 semester can request an Adobe Creative Cloud license to download/install Creative Cloud apps on their personal devices.

Support and training on Ensemble Video that provides restricted access streaming of copyright and faculty created materials for students in courses and on websites.

Consultation and integration of third party applications within the Blackboard LMS (Learning Management System).

Need help with a software issue? Open a ticket to request assistance from IT.

Development of custom web database applications and forms

Captioning requested through this service is submitted by IT staff to for captioning with 24 hour turnaround time for files 60 minutes or less and 99% accuracy.

Design, develop, plan and maintain Campus CATV systems.

Television Engineering Support