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Request assistance with a phone or phone line issue.

Request caller ID on a standard (non-VoIP) phone line.

Request disconnection of bridge (i.e., one location of a phone line that is configured to ring in two or more locations).

Request disconnection of standard or VoIP phone.

Request installation of a bridge connection on a standard (non-VoIP) phone line.

Request installation of new phone line (standard or VoIP).

Request move of an existing phone line from one location to another (standard or VoIP).

Request new equipment from Telecomm.

Request conversion of a phone line from analog to digital or from digital to analog.

Request phone based audio conferencing service hosted by Intercall.

Request the addition/removal of voicemail from an existing phone line.

Request reset of voicemail password (standard or VoIP).

Request a VoIP report for Enterprise Communication Center (ECC) call activity.