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Fundamentals Workshop Series

This folder contain resources for each workshop in the Brightspace Fundamentals series

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Add an existing user to an Organization Roster

Adding a user to an organization

Adding a PowerPoint file to your Brightspace course

A list of options for adding PPT to a course

Brightspace Gradebook Calculation Options

Brightspace Calculation Options can be used to customize elements of your Brightspace gradebook, including the grading system, final grade release options, and grade calculation options.

Brightspace Navigation Basics

The Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) offers a number of navigation tools that remain consistent from course to course at Buffalo State.

Copying a Course in Brightspace

This procedure allows you to copy content in Brightspace from one course to another.

Getting Started with Brightspace - Access, Training and Resources

Information, training, and resources options for Brightspace LMS.

Importing Course Content Packages into Brightspace

Step by step directions to import a Blackboard course zip file into a Brightspace course shell.

Make a Brightspace Course Active for Students

In order for students to be able to access a course in Brightspace, instructors will need to make the course "Active".

Merged and Cross-listed Rosters in Brightspace

An overview of cross-listed and merged courses in Brightspace.

User Roles in Brightspace

Roles in Brightspace control access to and permissions for content and tools within a course or organization. Each user is assigned a role for each course or organization they participate in.

Using Document Templates in Brightspace

Document Templates can improve the look and feel of courses, and can help you organize your content more meaningfully by adding page elements. These HTML templates are designed to meet Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility standards (WCAG).

Using the Accommodations Tool to Provide a Student Extended Quiz Time

Providing students with extended quiz time in Brightspace.