Add an existing user to an Organization Roster

Organization Leaders can update their rosters as their users change during the semester.

NOTE: This function currently only exists in Organization Rosters and not in Course rosters. Course rosters are controlled by Banner which is the system of record for the University. If additional users are needed to be added to a course roster, a ticket must be submitted with a brief justification. 

Add a User to Your Organization

  1. In Brightspace, navigate to your organization
  2. On the navbar, click Course Tools.
  3. Click Roster.
  4. From the Add Participants drop-down menu, select Add existing users.
    add existing users
  5. Under Add Existing Users, in the Search field, enter the name of the user you want to add
    1. If more detailed searching is needed, click Show Search Options and specify the following options:
      1. Search In - Select the First NameLast Name, and Org Defined ID check boxes.
      2. Enrollment - To set the search filter to filter out users already enrolled in the course, deselect the Include Users already enrolled in org unit check box.
      3. Search Type - select Starts WithExact Match, or Contains. Selecting Starts With or Exact Match narrows your search and improves the speed at which your search results are displayed.
  6. Click the Search icon.
  7. In the search results list, select the check box alongside the name of the user you want to add
    select the user
  8. Select the appropriate role for the user.
    role list
  9. If you'd like to send the user an enrollment email, select the Send Enrollment email check box under Enrollment Options at the top of the page.
  10. Click Enroll Selected Users.
    enroll selected users
  11. Click Done.
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