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Learning Management System (Brightspace)

Brightspace is the official learning management system for Buffalo State University. Brightspace is a part of the SUNY-wide initiative (SUNY Digital Learning Environment) to provide a consistent environment for student learning across the SUNY system.

Online Resources for Brightspace are also available at:
Brightspace Community -
Brightspace YouTube -

Bengal Success Portal (Starfish)

Find answers to the Bengal Success Portal (Powered by Starfish) allows for efficient communication among students, faculty, advisors, support staff, and administrators to support student success and retention.

Plagiarism Detection (Turnitin-Feedback Studio)

Turnitin Feedback Studio is a similar text detection software that instructors may require students to use at Buffalo State. This software may be used as an educational tool to assist students in learning how to properly cite resources, to decrease instances of academic misconduct, and/or to assist in the identification of acts of academic misconduct.

Turnitin assistance line: (866) 816-5046

Course Evaluations and Surveys (CES)

Course Evaluations are managed by Institutional Effectiveness.

Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is a display, typically mounted on a classroom wall on campus, that allows interaction with a projected image though a pen, stylus, or fingertips


Instructors can use Gradescope for remote delivery of their assignments and exams and has replaced our previous product for bubble sheet exams.

Gradescope has replaced Scantron; an aging system and process.  An IT project: software assessment, was completed in early 2022 that determined that Gradescope was the best solution to meet the campus needs and was announced by the Provost within the Daily "Test Scoring Shifting to New System" on March 3, 2020.

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Best Practices for Online Video

Tips and tricks for making your online video the best it can be.

Creating/Editing a Video in iMovie

iMovie can be used to create a video where you can add slides, images, and recorded videos. Voice over can be added and the video can be edited.
Faculty also have the added option to upload to the Ensemble media server and use in their assignments, tests, and discussions in Blackboard.

Using PowerPoint to Create a Screen Capture Video

An introduction on how to utilize PowerPoint to create a screen capture video and upload it into Ensemble media server for use in Blackboard.