Adding a PowerPoint file to your Brightspace course

There are several different methods for you to add a PowerPoint (PPTX) presentation to your course in Brightspace. Please use the following options as a guide to help you decide which methods are best for you and your students.

Add the PowerPoint file in your Course Content

Brightspace Upload Files screenshot

Click on the module where you want the content to appear and click the ‘Upload/Create’ button to 'Upload Files.' When a student navigates to the content, using the link in the Course Content or by navigating to it, Brightspace converts the PPTX to a PDF for student viewing. This works well for simple presentations.

Note that narration and timings, animation, and notes are lost in the conversion and some design elements may change when converted to a PDF for student viewing.

For narrated presentations and more complex slide layouts, direct students to use the Download button at the bottom of the preview window to download the original PPTX file to their own device for viewing in PowerPoint. In doing so they will view the presentation as it was originally designed.

Insert a Link to a PowerPoint file in a Module

Brightspace OneDrive Link screenshot

If your PPTX file is saved in your Buffalo State OneDrive, click on the module where you want the content to appear and click the ‘Existing Activities’ button then 'OneDrive' to find an insert a direct link to your presentation. Students will be able to view the file through the free web version of PowerPoint, or the PowerPoint application if they have it installed on their device. See the At-home access to Microsoft 365 Office apps Knowledge Base article for more information.

Copy Your PowerPoint Content into the Create a File (Web Page) option

Brightspace Create a File screenshot

If your presentation contains mostly text and images, and no audio or interactivity, Create a File (Web Page) within a module and copy the content from your slides and paste onto a new or existing topic page using the HTML editor. You could also Select a Document Template to paste the content into. Students will be able to view the content directly within their browsers, thus eliminating the need to use PowerPoint as a third party application. Also, you can include additional notes on the page to further explain the context.

Embed a Video Version of Your PowerPoint

Brightspace YuJa Media Chooser screenshot

When you save or export the slide presentation as an video (MP4 file), you can upload the MP4 file to the YuJa Video server and embed the video onto a page in a module through the Insert Stuff button in the HTML editor or the Existing Activities>YuJa Media Chooser button. Students will play the video from the topic page and it will stream from the server; no additional software or hardware is required.

See Upload Videos to your YuJa Account for Linking in your Brightspace Course for more information.

Upload PowerPoint Slides in a Web-Conferencing Session

You can use PowerPoint slides in Microsoft Teams Meetings to facilitate a live session that you can record and share.

See Microsoft Teams Meetings for Brightspace and Share slides in Microsoft Teams meetings with PowerPoint Live for more information.

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