Make a Brightspace Course Active for Students

In order for students to be able to access a course in Brightspace, instructors will need to make the course "Active".

  1. Login to Brightspace with your Buffalo State network username and password.
  2. Instructors will be able to see if a course is "Inactive" from the My Courses widget.
    my courses widget
  3. Click on the course you want to make "Active".
  4. Under Course Tools, select Course Admin.
    course tools course admin
  5. Click Course Offering Information.
    course administration
  6. Under Active, check the "Course is active" box.
    course is active
  7. Check the Start Date and End Date.
    By default, the boxes are checked and the dates will correspond with the first day of the semester for "Start Date" and the date grades are due in Banner for "End Date." Even if you check the "Course is active" box, your course will not become active for students until the "Start Date".
    1. To change the dates and times for Start Date and End Date, remove the check mark next to the start and end dates if you would like to open your course immediately and always be open to students.
      1. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  8. Click Save.  The course is now "active", enabling students to access the course.


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