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Software Request

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Service Description

Request software for a faculty/staff computer, classroom computer or in a student computer lab.

Standard Features

Standard Service Features include:

  • Evaluate request and process in a timely manner
  • Review End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Schedule date for installation/deployment
  • Follow up with user to confirm successful installation

Optional Features

Optional Service Features include:

  • Help facilitate funding and purchase of software
  • Provide price quote
  • Prepare software for deployment

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities:

  • User is responsible for providing details related to the request including their contact information, device names and locations of computer(s), and the software title and version.
  • Department lab coordinator is responsible for submitting requests for labs under their purview. Lab requests for upcoming semesters must be submitted by the deadline established by RITE Services.
  • User agrees to allow RITE Services staff to access their computer(s) remotely to deploy the requested software.

RITE Services Responsibilities:

  • RITE Services will assist with the installation of software on campus-owned computers.
  • RITE Services will communicate the status of the request to the user as needed.

How To Request      

Click the Open a Ticket button and complete the request form.

Service Audience 

Faculty and Staff. 

Service Level Agreement

There is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) associated with this service. 

Service Pricing

Pricing is contingent upon the software being requested, the quantity of licenses needed and the purpose (administrative, instruction, research).

Institutional Policies

Policy on the Use of Electronic Resources