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Request software for a faculty/staff computer, classroom computer or a student computer lab.

Need help with a software issue? Open a ticket to request assistance from IT.

Audio and Video design and space improvement services for the academic and administrative departments of Buffalo State. Includes computing hardware and software.

Turnitin Feedback Studio is a similar text detection software that instructors may require students to use at Buffalo State. This software may be used as an educational tool to assist students in learning how to properly cite resources, to decrease instances of academic misconduct, and/or to assist in the identification of acts of academic misconduct.

Determine resources and configure the memory, CPU and storage allocation from the specifications given from the requestor.
Configuration and installation of security software on the server (antivirus, firewall, and security updates). The installation of any other software and license needed to be implemented agreed by both parties.

Are you a student looking for a rewarding IT job on campus? Apply for a job with Information Technology.

IT will review technology assets already in place on campus and will log them into technology asset database.

IT will review a request for Techfee funding and will help to facilitate the acquisition process.

Need professional quality posters, flyers, brochures, etc.? Creative Services in Bulger Communication Center provides a wide range of services for the faculty, staff, and students at Buffalo State.

Introductory to advanced training on use of TurningPoint student response system, system troubleshooting.

Technology consulting services to ensure that we make the best possible choices when considering technology use and adoption across campus.

Need help with a KiSSFLOW issue? Open a ticket to request assistance from IT.

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