Solving Visix (AxisTV) Access Issues

If you are having difficulty accessing the Visix (aka AxisTV) portal, there are several possible solutions.

Check the URL

Please be sure you are using to access the portal. The "s" in the "https" is essential. If you simply put in "http" the security certificate will not work.

Be Sure That Your Username/Password Are Correct

Authentication in Visix is based off of ActiveDirectory, which utilizes your Buffalo State accounts. Carefully type in your username and password.

Make Sure You Are On The Campus Network

The Buffalo State Visix web portal is NOT accessible from an off-campus network. You must be connected to Buffalo State's network in order for the URL to work. A potential workaround is to remotely access your desktop computer via Remote Desktop.

Request That Your Account Access Be Audited

You may also put in a ticket to have a Visix admin check your access privileges and verify that everything is in order.


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