Visix Digital Signage File Types

Notes in italics are advanced export settings, for advanced users. If you're not sure what to do, try exporting with whatever the default is.

All settings listed have been tested and confirmed with the Visix system.

Not Compatible

.ppt or .pptx - PowerPoint project files. Importing these directly WILL crash the system!


Use 1920x1080 resolution (for 16:9) or 960x720 (for 4:3). Image files will be scaled, but video files will not!

.png - still image file
No transparency, progressive, 24-bit encoding

.jpg - still image file
70%-95% quality

.mp4 - video file
h.264 codec, main profile, v3.1 or lower, progressive, 30fps or 24fps, square pixels, 2-5Mbps video bitrate, stereo AAC audio at 44.1khz and 128-190kbps (normalize to -10db)
Higher bitrates will play but please try not to exceed 8Mbps because it may slow down the system.


.wmv - video file
WMV 8 or later preferred


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