Importing Content Into Visix

This article will cover how to import your graphic or video content into the AxisTV system, for use on the campus Visix Digital Signage.

If you have not yet exported your content from its respective software (Photoshop, PowerPoint, etc.), be sure to do so before importing it into Visix. 

Supported file types include .jpg, .png, .wmv, and .mp4. Importing a PowerPoint file directly WILL crash the system!

For assistance with exporting a PowerPoint slide, please see this help article: 

For assistance with exporting a PowerPoint as a movie file, see this article:

Issues? Open a ticket here.

Importing Content

1. Using your web browser (Chrome preferred) navigate to

You may be asked to log in with your Buffalo State username and password.

2. This will land you on the AxisTV dashboard. To begin content import, navigate to the "Import" tab.

3. Now the import page will be open. 

  1. Give your message a name
  2. Select the aspect ratio of your graphic/video file. Make sure this matches the aspect ratio of the playlist(s) you intend to display this content on.
  3. If you are importing a file, click "choose files" and select your file. Then click "upload." If you are using a previously imported file, select it from the lower menu.

(If you have a file larger than 20MB, please use the large video file link at the top of the page, pictured below.)

     4. Now click "next" in the upper right corner of the pane to continue.

4. This will advance you to the page where you can schedule your content.

  1. Select how long your content will be displayed before advancing to the next item. If it is a video, this will not be used.
  2. Now choose the dates during which you'd like your content to run. A typical event announcement will start two weeks before the event and end at the event's start time.
  3. This is where you'll select what time of day your content will run. Most content runs all day long.
  4. Choose which playlist(s) your content will be scheduled on. You can Ctrl+click to select multiple playlists, depending on your access level.
  5. Choose "Done" to finish scheduling and post your content!

5. To check whether your content is running on a playlist, click on "Now Playing" in the top tab bar.

This will bring up the listing of scheduled items.

  1. You may need to click the "playlists" button to display the listing.
  2. Here is where you can select which playlist's schedule to view. In the pane below, all items currently running on a playlist will be shown. You can also filter a list to show future items by clicking "Filter By- Future Items" in the middle radio button.

6. Be sure to log off from AxisTV (upper right corner) when you are finished!


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