Checking Or Managing Playlist Content

To Check, Reorder, Reschedule, or Delete Playlist Content

  1. In your browser, go to the Visix web portal address:
  2. In the upper left corner of the screen, click the "hamburger" menu (three horizontal lines).
    hamburger menu
  3. This will open up the system menu. Now select "Playlists."
    side menu
  4. Playlists that you have access to will be listed here. Navigate to your desired playlist and click the pencil icon in the lower right to open it. select playlist
  5. The playlist items will be displayed. You are able to re-order items by clicking and dragging them, like tiles. playlist view
  6. If you wish to edit the aspects of an item, click on it to select. In the right side pane, there are options to "Adjust Message" (change duration or name) or "Adjust Schedule" (change when it plays). If you wish to remove the item entirely, you can click "Remove from Schedule" at the bottom.edit item
  7. Also in the right side pane is the "Schedule" menu. From here, you can choose to schedule a Media File or a Pick & Fill template, if desired. (Please see those respective articles for more details.)
    schedule a new item
  8. When finished, click the "Finished" button above the right side pane.
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