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Pinned Article Self-service software installation (PC)

Learn how to install software applications on your PC using the Software Center application.

Configure Remote Desktop on your home PC

Learn how to configure your home PC for use with the Remote Desktop

How to change the default app that opens a file type

This article explains how to change the default application that Windows 10 launches when you open a file. This is useful for changing the default application that opens PDF files from Microsoft Edge to Adobe Reader.

How to hide your desktop icons

Learn how to clean that messy desktop before your next presentation or meeting

How to Install Languages in Windows 10

Learn how to install languages in Windows 10

How to Make Text Larger in Windows

How to change display text scaling in Windows.

How to prevent Microsoft Teams from starting automatically

Instructions on how to stop Microsoft Teams from automatically starting when logging in.

How to Rearrange Dual Monitors in Windows 10

How to rearrange Windows 10 Monitors.

How to Resolve Many Graphical Issues in Windows

How to resolve many display errors like blacked-out sections of the screen in Windows using a simple keyboard shortcut.

Install Adobe Creative Cloud applications on your campus PC

Learn how to install Adobe Creative Cloud apps on your PC using the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application