How to Resolve Many Graphical Issues in Windows

Some display errors (including blacked-out sections of the screen and/or flashing icons in the Taskbar) can be quickly resolved by resetting the Display Adapter in Windows 10/11. This doesn't change any underlying settings, and is a simple and quick troubleshooting step if you're experiencing these sort of visual issues on your Windows computer.

To restart the Windows Display Adapter at any time, press Win+Ctrl+Shift+B on your keyboard (all at the same time)

What should happen is that you'll hear a confirmation beep, and all connected displays should flicker once. In many cases, the original issue will have been resolved. If this doesn't resolve the issue, it's likely caused by something other than the Display Adapter. To reiterate, this is safe to try by any user, and won't clear out any actual user settings; Regardless of whether it resolves the original problem, everything else should work the same as before.

As always, unless there's obvious physical damage to a screen or a screen isn't responding at all (due to a lack of power or video connection), it's worth trying a full computer Restart (by choosing Start menu > Power icon > Restart) as the next troubleshooting step if the Display Adapter reset described above doesn't provide a fix.


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