How to remove suspicious Outlook rules

If your email account was compromised recently, once you get back into your account you'll need to check for suspicious rules in Outlook. When a hacker accesses your account, they will often set up a rule that filters all incoming messages to the Delete Items folder. Follow these steps to check for and remove such a rule. 

Please note: These steps must be performed from the web version of Outlook (i.e., using a web browser like Chrome on your computer). You will not be able to manage rules using the Outlook app on your mobile device.


  1. Sign-in to Outlook from a web browser
  2. Open Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner.

Go into settings

  1. Select Mail from the left pane and then Rules from the middle pane. If you see any rules that look suspicious click the Delete rule button to remove them.

Delete any suspicious rules

After removing the rule, you should also check your Deleted Items folder for messages that were mistakenly deleted. Move any messages that you want to keep back to your Inbox.

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