When developing your course its's important to think about how to make your course accessible to all learners. When designing a course with Universal Design for Learning Principles you can reach a wide variety of learners regardless of their abilities and challenges.

Understanding of accessibility as a civil rights issue and help develop the knowledge and skills needed to design learning experiences that promote inclusive learning environments.

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Audio and Video

In order to be considered accessible, audio and video files must have either a transcript or closed captioning.

Digital Content

Digital content includes all text files (Word, PPT, PDF), images, audio, video, etc Including Microsoft Office products

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Accessibility: Ally in Brightspace

Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that focuses on making digital course content more accessible.

Accessibility: What is an ARC or VPAT?

When purchasing software, hardware, electronic content, or support documentation and services (known as information and communication technology, or ICT), clearly state your accessibility requirements up-front, so potential vendors and contractors (offerors) can propose the best solution for your needs.

Create Accessible Digital Products - Training

Online trainings to support the creation of accessible documents

Using the Accommodations Tool to Provide a Student Extended Quiz Time

Providing students with extended quiz time in Brightspace.