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Presentation System Assistance

Service Description

RITE Services can help users resolve issues with AV and computer equipment used for class sessions and presentations.

Standard Features

RITE Services can help with issues related to the following:

  • Display or projector operation (e.g. projector not turning on, displaying incorrectly)
  • Connecting a laptop or tablet for display
  • Audio playback (e.g. sound from computer not working, sound too low)
  • AV system touch panels or button controls (e.g. touch panel is frozen/ not responding)
  • Playing DVD/ Blu-Ray discs
  • Using a document camera
  • Using the features of an interactive whiteboard (e.g. SMART Board, Promethean Board)
  • Installed microphones (e.g. lecture hall mic feeds back, mic too low)

Optional Features

There are no optional services associated with this service. 

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities: 

  • User is responsible for providing details related to the issue including their contact information and a full description of the problem.

RITE Services Responsibilities:

  • RITE Services will respond to inquiry or resolve issue as soon as possible.
  • RITE Services will communicate the status of the request to the user as needed.

How to Request     

Click the Open a Ticket button and complete the request form.

If immediate assistance is required, please contact Classroom Support:

Service Audience 

Faculty, Staff, Students.

Service Level Agreement

There is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) associated with this service. 

Service Pricing

There are no costs associated with this service. 

Institutional Policies

Policy on the Use of Electronic Resources