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Project Overview

The campus is moving forward with the project to transition student email services from Google to Outlook mail. While students already have access to many Microsoft 365 services - including OneDrive for file storage and the Microsoft Office suite - Outlook mail is one of the Microsoft 365 services that is not currently available to students. This will be changing after the spring 2023 semester when Outlook mailboxes are created for all currently registered students..  

Project Timeline

Outlook mail will be rolled out to students in a phased approach.

Summer 2023 | Current students will receive Outlook mailboxes at the end of the spring 2023 semester. During the summer of 2023, IT will begin migrating (copying) mail from Gmail to Outlook in batches.

Fall 2023 | New students beginning this semester will receive Outlook mailboxes in Microsoft 365 (and will not receive Google accounts).

Summer 2024 | Student Google accounts will be deleted during the summer of 2024.

About the new Outlook accounts

Here are some details related to the new Outlook accounts that all students (new and current) will receive:

New e-mail address | All students will have a new e-mail address in the format of username@buffalostate.edu.

Accessing Outlook e-mail | Students will access their e-mail from a web browser ("web Outlook") or by using the Outlook mobile or desktop app

Sign-in with network credentials | Unlike Gmail which requires a separate password, students will sign-in to Outlook using their Network credentials.  

Current students with Gmail accounts

Here are some details related to the switch from Google (Gmail) to Outlook for current students:

New e-mail address | Outlook access will be "turned on" for current students after the spring 2023 semester. At this time, all new messages will be delivered to Outlook instead of Gmail.

Message Forwarding | Messages sent to a student's old address (username@mail.buffalostate.edu) will automatically be forwarded to the new username@buffalostate.edu address until the Google account is deleted in Summer of 2024.

Mailbox Migration | A one-time copy of student mailboxes from Gmail to Outlook will occur during the summer of 2023. This migration will be staggered, so mail in a student's Gmail Inbox may not appear in their Outlook Inbox right away.

Transferring Google Drive Contents, Calendar Items | Google Drive contents and calendar appointments will not be automatically transferred to the student’s Microsoft 365 account. Students wishing to keep these items will need to manually transfer them to their corresponding location within Microsoft 365 (e.g., OneDrive, Outlook calendar). Students also have the option to transfer the contents of their Google Drive to a personal Google account.

Transferring Gmail Contacts to Outlook | contacts from Gmail will not be automatically transferred to the student’s Microsoft 365 account. Students wishing to keep their contacts can manually import their Gmail contacts to Outlook

Google Account Access | Students will retain access to their Google accounts for one full year to help ease the transition (through summer 2024). This will allow students to access their Google Drive, contacts and calendar after the switch so they can confirm they have everything the need before their Google account is permanently deleted.

Deletion of Google Accounts | After the year-long overlap, all student Google accounts will be deleted, so be sure to update any communication preferences for outside websites or subscriptions that had been linked to Gmail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about the transition to Outlook mail? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information related to this project.