Classroom Technology Essentials

Checking your classroom

Here is a list of generally-scheduled classrooms across campus. It includes photos and instructions for each room. While it is recommended to visit a classroom before your first class, this can be a helpful resource if you are looking to change rooms or learn about the features of a room.

Access to your classroom

The doors to generally-scheduled classrooms are left unlocked during hours of instruction. However, some rooms have a punch code on the door. They include: Bacon 123, Bulger 428, Ketchum 100, Ketchum 109, and Upton 230. For more information, see this article.

Keys for the classroom technology cabinet

Generally-scheduled classrooms no longer require a console key. More information is available here.

Classroom A/V equipment training

If you are new to using a classroom, it is recommended that you receive training in advance of your first class. Due to the volume of training requests, please make arrangements in advance. Training can be requested by clicking "Open A Ticket" here.

Microphones for Classrooms

Voice lift is present in lecture halls and very large classrooms. It is typically not installed in medium and smaller-sized classrooms. More information can be found here.

More Useful Information

More helpful classroom A/V articles are available in the Technology Enhanced Spaces category of this knowledgebase.

Need Help?

To place a request for assistance or to report an issue, use the Presentation Assistance Form linked on this page.

For immediate classroom assistance, please call 6670 (or 878-6670 on an off-campus phone).

Classroom Support's Hours

During the semester:
Monday-Thursday -- 7am to 9pm
Friday -- 7am to 5pm

During Summer/ Breaks:
Monday-Friday -- 7am to 4pm

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