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Smart Views can be used organize the Grade Center, including viewing students within specific course sections after merging multiple sections of a course.
This procedure makes the Blackboard course available to the students.
This procedure allows you to copy a course in Blackboard from one section to another.
This procedure allows you to save or archive your Blackboard course so that you can later import it into an existing course.
A new content area can be created for Tests and Quizzes, your Syllabus, or as a place to store and organize any additional content. Content areas allow you to upload documents, embed videos, or create assignments and tests.
Blackboard's Course Menu can be customized by the instructor. Items can be added, hidden, and re-ordered to meet the instructor's preferences and needs.
Instructors are automatically granted access to their Blackboard course(s) if they are listed as the instructor of record in Banner. Due to scheduling changes, another instructor may also be listed and they will need to be made unavailable in the course.