Managing Projects - Electronic Course Evaluations (EvaluationKIT - EK)

EvaluationKIT (EK) offers a fully-hosted online course evaluation and survey system designed to streamline the entire student feedback process for our campus. These directions are for EvaluationKIT Node Admins (departmental secretaries, chairs, and deans) to manage EvaluationKIT Projects.

A prior service request to deploy electronic course evaluations need to be made  a minimum of one month prior to the actual deployment date. Service requests  can be made much earlier (recommended). Service requests for deployment, general questions, and support can be made at the Information Technology (IT) Self-Service Portal by a departmental representative (or by a dean for the whole school). The Information Technology (IT) EK Admin will make notification of the creation of the departmental course evaluations. The requester or departmental representatives will be required to verify that the correct courses have been imported, remove non-essential courses, and verify or remove listed instructors. 

In EvaluationKIT, Surveys refer to the evaluation questions. Projects refer to the semester course evaluation deployments (Response Periods in Blackboard Enterprise Surveys). The main surveys will be created by the Information Technology (IT) EK Admin who will also import all of the semester courses into the project. The Information Technology (IT) EK Admin will set the deployment dates and email settings for the students and instructors. The Node Admin (departmental secretary) will be responsible for verifying that the courses and instructors are accurate and make any needed modifications.  


with Username and Password

  • If this is the first time you have logged in, click Forgot your password and you will receive an email to change the default password. You can also use the default password given to you and change your password by clicking your [name in upper-right]  > My Account > Change My Password.
  • Next time, you can use your network credentials to login.

Arrow pointing to the user's name in upper-right corner and another arrow pointing to Change My Password on left of screen under My Account.

EvaluationKIT Dashboard

  • You will be presented with the EvaluationKIT - EK dashboard. You will have access to the Project Results (note that the Results Start date is your access date as the Node Admin and not necessarily the instructors access date). You can track the Response Rate, Add Custom Questions, View Results, Manage Courses, and much more.

EvaluationKIT Dashboard

Remove Courses

  • Click Manage Courses tab to view a list of Projects.
    • Node Admins (departmental secretaries/chairs) will only have access to their hierarchy (departmental) level.
    • Access Start & End dates are for Node Admins and not the instructors.
    • A list of courses, students, and instructors will be displayed (students & instructors may be counted multiple times if they are enrolled in more than one course).
  • Click the + icon under View (to view details and review the list of courses that the project will deploy to).

Manage Courses tab and click + icon under view.

  • Review the Project Courses list for any missing courses or if any courses need to be removed. For example, a course with "0" Students should be deleted. There may be other courses with students enrolled that the department chooses not to receive an electronic course evaluation.
  • Note that a course that only has 1 student will still have their anonymity protected. Instructors will not receive results for courses where Respondents are less than 3 but the department can compile an aggregate result of these courses. It is up to the department to determine if these courses should receive an evaluation.
    • Click the Code header label to sort the course list in ascending or descending order.
    • Courses may be listed on multiple pages. At the bottom of the page, change Records per page > 500.
    • Select the courses to be removed > click Delete Selected Courses > (a confirmation message will pop up) > click OK.
    • Make sure that you really want to remove the specified courses. There is no undelete!
    • You will receive a confirmation email. Make sure that the course deletion was successful. If you receive an email that the deletion failed, you will need to repeat the above process.

Select courses, click delete selected courses, a confirmation message pops up. Click OK.

Records per page option listing numbers from 10, 25, 50, 100, 1000. 1500, 2000. Navigation from Page 1 of 3 in right corner.

Remove Instructors

Due to scheduling changes in Banner or instructors that are manually enrolled into a Blackboard course, multiple instructors may be listed in a course in EvaluationKIT.

  • Click Manage Courses tab to view a list of Projects.
  • Click the + icon under View (to view details and review the list of courses that the project will deploy to).

Manage Courses tab and click + icon under view.

  • You can Search Courses by Course Code, Instructor Names, etc. You can click Edit to view Project Deployment Dates. 
  • Review the column labeled Instructors.
  • If there are two or more instructors, click on the number. A new window will open.

Search courses, columns listing code, titile, unique id, hierarchy level, number of students and instrcutors, and edit option.

  • Select the instructor to be removed > click Unenroll Selected Users > click OK on confirmation window.
  • If this is a team-taught course, you can leave both instructors enrolled.
  • Make sure that you really want to remove the instructor. There is no undelete!
  • Note: Node Admins do not have the permission level to remove students.

Select instructor, click unenroll selected user, and click ok in new window.

Add Instructors

Normally, you do not need to manually add instructors to a course. This would only be done if multiple instructors were sharing different courses and desired a course evaluation. In most cases, having instructors listed as co-teachers in Banner will result in them receiving the appropriate course evaluations.   

  • Click Manage Courses tab to view a list of Projects.
  • Click the + icon under View (to view details and review the list of courses that the project will deploy to).
  • You can Search Courses by Course Code, Instructor Names, etc. You can click Edit to view Project Deployment Dates. 
  • Under Enrollments, locate the desired course > click the + icon.

Top half consists of area to Search Courses by Course Code, Title, Call#/Unique ID, Hierarchy Level, Instructor information. Bottom half consists of a list of courses in the project with their code, Title, Unique ID, Hierarchy Level, Students, Instructors, Enrollments, Edit. Enrollments has a + icon under it.

  • A new pop-up window will appear. The user should already exist so type in their Username (network name or the beginning of their email). Leave the setting as Enroll As Instructor. Do Not enter in the Email, First Name, Last Name. Click Save.

Selected course is listed with options to fill in Username, Email, First Name, and Last Name. There's a message "If the user already exists in your account, enter the username only."

  • A pop-up message will appear that the user has been enrolled.
  • Note that Instructors displays 2 instead of 1. Click on the number.

Instructors label now displays 2 instead of 1.

  • Enrolled Instructors window will pop-up. Verify that the instructor information is correct.
  • If the information for First Name, Last Name, Email is missing (blank), the user does not exist in the system. Unenroll that instructor.

  • If the user does not exist in the system, contact the EvaluationKIT Administrator to create the account first and then add the instructor.
  • Alternatively, you can repeat the steps to Add the instructor again but add their Username, Email, First Name, Last Name and that will create their account.

When courses and instructors have been verified and approved, the project can be released for deployment.

Custom Question Surveys (optional)

There is an option for departments to add additional questions to the main survey. This is accomplished by adding a Custom Question Survey. This must be done by the department prior to the Project deployment date. You do not have to create a new Custom Question Survey every semester. You can re-use a previously created Custom Question Survey by attaching it to a project.

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