Locked out of your Buffalo State accounts? Open a ticket to have the IT Help Desk help you regain access.
If you are locked out of your accounts because you can't complete the multi-factor verification (e.g. due to getting a new phone), the IT Help Desk can help you regain access.When you complete the form below, you'll be able to choose one of these options:
  1. Add a phone number to my account - to receive a code via call/text
  2. Update/replace my existing number - to receive a code via call/text
  3. Reset my multi-factor registrations - to start the MFA registration process over
  4. Have a time-limited Temporary Access Pass (TAP) created - to allow you to update your verification methods
Option 4 will allow you to sign-in to the My Security Info page to update your verification methods. If you have a new phone, each option listed above will also allow you to set up the Microsoft Authenticator app on a new device.
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