Learning Management System (Blackboard) - Merge Course Sections

Service Description

If you find yourself posting the same materials to different course sections of the same course during a semester, you can request that your course sections be combined into a single Blackboard course site.

 NOTE:  This is not an official cross-listing process.  Courses that should be cross-listed in the registration system (Banner) will need to be done through the Registrar's Office.

Based on best practices from Blackboard Learn:

  • A merged course cannot have a user available and active in two child sections.
  • Two courses with different content and lessons should not be merged. The gradebook will be looking for a value for each student in each column, and students will have access to all content in both sections. 
  • Courses should never be merged during a semester. If you have a course that seems similar to another course being offered, and taught by the same instructor, but has already had student activity, never merge them together. The activity will not propagate to the parent course, and the students’ activity will appear to be missing.
  • Content added to a child will not be added to a parent.
  • Attempts in a child course will not be added to the parent.

Standard Features

  • Multiple course sections will be combined into a single NEW parent Blackboard course site.
  • Automatic course enrollments for classes listed in Banner
  • In Blackboard Learn, students would see a course they are enrolled in, but when selecting to enter it, will share the same course content as all other students across all combined courses.
  • Collaboration with SUNY Online and SUNY ITEC for support

Optional Features

There are no Optional Service Features related to this service.

Roles and Responsibilities

The requester must be the instructor of record listed in Banner to have these courses combined.

Note: a new merged parent course section will be created. Any Content items in the original courses will not be accessible. Save any needed content prior to the requesting of the course merge so that you can import it into the new course. All content will need to be created in the merged parent course.    

How to Request     

Click the Open a Ticket button and complete the request form.

Service Audience 

Faculty and staff.

Service Level Agreement

Response and resolution times are based on operational hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM).

Service Level 2 - Normal  
Response Time 1 business day
Resolution Time 3 business days
Please Note: Blackboard courses are automatically created months in advance of the semester start. Requests can be made as early as when the courses are created.

Institutional Policies

There are no Institutional Policies associated with this service.

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