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This ticket is used to report problems logging into the SANS system, completing training, downloading your certificate, or anything else that is a barrier to training completion.

If you would like to receive Information Security Awareness Training for yourself, your office, an affiliated group, or your students there are options. Complete this form and we will contact you.

Introductory to advanced training on use of TurningPoint student response system, system troubleshooting.

Support and training for the deployment of departmental electronic course evaluations (EvaluationKIT - EK).

Register for an Instructional Design & Training (IDT) workshop on the use of campus technologies such as Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Collaborate, Ensemble Media Server or Office 365.

Support and training on Ensemble Video that provides restricted access streaming of copyright and faculty created materials for students in courses and on websites.

Support and training on Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing/collaboration tool that can be integrated within Blackboard Learn.

Request a new Drupal site, administrative access to an existing Drupal site, or assistance with your Drupal site.

Turnitin Feedback Studio is a similar text detection software that instructors may require students to use at Buffalo State. This software may be used as an educational tool to assist students in learning how to properly cite resources, to decrease instances of academic misconduct, and/or to assist in the identification of acts of academic misconduct.

Need professional quality posters, flyers, brochures, etc.? Creative Services in Bulger Communication Center provides a wide range of services for the faculty, staff, and students at Buffalo State.

Provide event or instruction-related A/V equipment for on campus use.

Consultation and integration of third party applications within the Blackboard LMS (Learning Management System).

Request a session with Instructional Design and Distance Learning (IDDL) to meet your professional development needs.

Request Microsoft Teams Meeting assistance

Audio and Video design and space improvement services for the academic and administrative departments of Buffalo State. Includes computing hardware and software.