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Pricing information for standard PCs, Macs, iPads, printers and scanners.
Learn how to install Microsoft Office using your campus credentials on your Windows or Mac personal computer.
Learn how to resolve issues saving/editing Microsoft Office files on your Mac.
Collection of the most commonly requested software titles at Buffalo State.
Learn how to install Mathematica on your personal devices
Students in select classes that use Adobe Creative Cloud for instruction can download the Creative Cloud apps to their personal devices. Contact your instructor to find out if you are eligible.
Information Technology’s software assessment process is designed to support existing campus efforts to improve efficiency and identify potential cost saving opportunities by collecting and presenting information needed for decision-makers. Information Technology does this in concert with those making the request for software, those funding the software, and those approving the software purchase.

IT has created a structured, consistent review of new and continuing software licenses/contracts,
Collection of useful links to help students get started with technology on campus
Learn how to install software applications on your Mac using the Self-Service application.
Learn how to install software applications on your PC using the Software Center application.
Learn how to install SPSS on your personal devices
List of software applications that are installed on every campus PC and Mac.
This article explains how to change the default application that Windows 10 launches when you open a file. This is useful for changing the default application that opens PDF files from Microsoft Edge to Adobe Reader.