Navigating Brightspace using a computer

For more information, head to the Brightspace course "Student Training Module" and click on the "Navigating Brightspace" section. You can also call the SUNY Brightspace Help Line at 1-(844)-673-6786


This article will help students navigate Brightspace and find their course content using a laptop or desktop computer.


Tip: Make sure your preferred browser is updated to the most recent version

This article uses screen shots from the Student Training Module

  1. Start by logging into Brightspace. Click here if you need help setting up your network account.
  2. The Brightspace homepage has the current semester's course pages. 
  3. Click on a course.
  4. Professors have control over how they set up their courses. The most common style is sectioning off the course into weeks or modules
  5. The best way to navigate through modules/weeks is by finding the "Content" tab, in the orange bar near the top of the screen. 

    The link for the Content button circled on a Brightspace course

  6. Along the left edge of the screen should be a chronological list through the weeks and modules.

    Table of Contents circled on a Brightspace Course

    Tip: The syllabus is typically found at the top of this list.
  7. If assignments are missing or hard to find, click "Course Activities" and then "Assignments."  

    Assignments circled on a Brightspace course


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