Earn the SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Certificate

This SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals certificate is not required by SUNY but is a pre-requisite to participate in the Buffalo State Online Course Development Series and Course Design Review process (OSCQR).

Workshop Participation

Faculty can participate in any of the training opportunities to learn and engage with the content.

In-Person Training

In-person Brightspace training sessions are offered by Instructional Design and Distance Learning and the Teaching and Learning Center. These sessions will be hosted on campus in a variety of labs across campus. Registration is through the Workshop Registration System.

Online Synchronous Training

Online synchronous workshops will be provided by the SUNY Center for Professional Development. Registration is open. Please visit the SUNY DLE Training website for more information and links to register for training. You can also view recordings of past webinars and training sessions.

Online Asynchronous Training

Online Asynchronous training modules are available with the Buffalo State Brightspace environment. You can log in to mylearning.buffalostate.edu using the Network Login option with your Buffalo State username and password. You will see the SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Asynchronous Modules listed in the My Courses Widget.

Earn the SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Certificate

Once you have participated in the training/workshop, log into Brightspace and access the SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Asynchronous Modules within your My Courses Widget. At the end of each content module (9 in total) you will find a brief knowledge check that is designed to gauge your understanding of that particular module's learning objectives.  You may take these knowledge checks as many times as necessary to earn 100%.

Once you have earned a 100% on all knowledge checks within the SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Asynchronous Modules it will trigger the release of the SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Certificate to you. This can sometimes take a few moments. 

To see your Completion Badge, click the "Course Activities" link in the nav bar and select "Awards". You can download this award and provide the file to any faculty member who requires that you complete these modules The Completion Badge will also display in your User Profile.

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