Recreating Ensemble Video Quizzes in YuJa Video

With the addition of new question types in YuJa like "Short Answer Questions," "The Reflective Pause," "Decision Point Questions," and "Fill-in-the-blanks Questions," any existing Ensemble Video Quizzes you may want to use in YuJa must be recreated from the existing videos.

Starting with your Ensemble video quiz

As a reference for your new quiz, you still log in to Ensemble Video and view your existing Ensemble video quiz.

  1. From the menu bar on the left side, select Administration>Library>Quizzes
    1.  Ensemble Quizzes button screenshot
  2. Select the Edit button below the title of the quiz you want to recreate
    1. On this Edit page, you can make note of the settings for the existing video quiz (general settings, navigation, etc.)
  3. Click on the Questions tab at the top left (next to Edit) to see the list of all of the questions in your quiz
  4. Just below your video preview window, click on Edit next to the quiz question you want to copy and paste
  5. From the individual question page, you can copy the question, answers, and hints that you will be using in your new YuJa video quiz
    1. You can also make note of the numerical time in the video the question appears for reference in your new quiz

Recreating your video quiz in YuJa

  1. You may login directly to YuJa or access the service through Brightspace. 

    1. To log in through Brightspace:

      1. Navigate to one of your courses.

      2. Click on "Course Tools" in the Navbar.

      3. Select YuJa from the drop-down menu.

  2. Find the video on which the quiz will be based

    1. If the video was migrated from Ensemble, you should find it in a separate folder with your username as the title. Double click on the folder to open it and search for your video

    2. Hover over the thumbnail for the video you want with your mouse and select More...

  3. Scroll down the Media Details pop-up and click on Quizzes from the menu on the left

  4. Click on the +Create Video Quiz button. Please note: more than one quiz may be created for the same video (for different classes, sections, semesters, etc.)