Install Adobe apps on your PC using the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop application

Please Note: This article applies to faculty and staff only. Before using the application, you must request access to either the Acrobat Pro DC application (formerly known as Adobe Acrobat Professional, which is used to generate and modify PDF files) or the Creative Cloud Suite (if you need access to one or more of the Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop). Access can be requested by opening an Adobe Portal Access ticket.  

The Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application allows you to install and manage Adobe applications on your own. The Creative Cloud application connects to the Adobe portal and displays what applications you have been given access to. 

Step-By-Step Guide 

1. Open the Software Center on your PC.

2. Click the Applications tab and click the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.  

Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop

3. Click Install to begin the installation of the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.

Click Install

4. When the install is complete, click the Start button and begin typing Adobe Creative in the search box.

Start > Adobe Creative  

5. Select the Adobe Creative Cloud app from the list.

Select Adobe Creative Cloud App

5. Enter your Buffalo State email address.

Enter Buffalo State email

6. When you click on the Password box, you will be redirected to the Buffalo State sign-in screen. Enter your Buffalo State email address (or just your username) and password, and click Sign in.

Buffalo State sign-in screen

7. If you are prompted to select Adobe ID or Enterprise ID, be sure to select Enterprise ID

Select Enterprise ID

8. Select Install or update an application (or click on the Apps tab).

Install or update an application

9. Click Install next to each Adobe application that you want to install. .

Click Install

You will need to wait a few minutes for the install to finish. Once complete, you will find the Adobe apps on the Start menu.
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