Order Printing Supplies for Labs

Service Description

Order toner and paper for printers in the campus pay to print system. 

Standard Features

Order toner and paper for printers in the campus pay to print system. 

Optional Features

No optional features.

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities: 

Provides specifics of printer supplies to be ordered:

  • Toner: number of cartridges, color(s)
  • Paper: number of cartons (one carton contains 10 reams), weight, dimensions, brightness level, finish
  • Printer manufacturer, series, and model
  • Printer location, building and room number (the vendor delivers directly to the building)
  • Contact name and phone number
Please Note: Vendor delivery hours are 8AM–5PM.  Staff must be available to accept orders during vendor hours at their office location and time. If they are not available to receive the order, the order will be returned to vendor after two delivery attempts.

IT Responsibilities: 

  • Contact customer if more information is needed or to confirm order.
  • Place order online.
  • Create a Payment Request and submit to BSC Foundation.
  • When check is received from BSC Foundation, IT staff mail check to vendor.

How to Request     

Click the Open a Ticket button and complete the request form.

Service Audience

Staff and Faculty

Service Level Agreement

This service does not have a Service Level Agreement. 

Service Pricing

There are no costs associated with this service.

Associated Policies

There are no associated policies for this service. 

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